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Ringke Fusion Transparent (iPhone SE 2020/8/7)

Ringke Fusion Transparent (iPhone SE 2020/8/7)
Ringke Fusion Transparent (iPhone SE 2020/8/7)
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The Ringke Onyx Durable TPU case is an amazing case that fits perfectly on the iPhone , protecting it from everyday use!

Made of high quality silicone TPU, to absorb vibrations, protecting your smartphone from scratches, damage, falls or bumps.

It has a raised rim all around, but also around the camera, so as to protect your phone in a fall with the front facing the ground. Military Drop Tested: It is MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified, which ensures maximum and reliable impact protection.

It has all the necessary notches for the camera, charger, etc. and is specially designed and built to fit perfectly on the iPhone

Combine it with Tempered Glass - Anti-scratch Glass for complete protection of your mobile phone.


Case specially designed for iPhone

High quality TPU material for maximum protection

Strong protection of your device from falling to the ground

Allows access to all functions

It has all the necessary notches for the camera, charger, etc.

Easy to apply and remove

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